Keeping Kids Safe from Online Predators

Most children spend hours every day online. Much of that time is spent messaging with others. Gaming and social media apps provide a way for children to connect with others, but sometimes those others are not what they appear to be. In this podcast we discuss where predators seek children online, how pedophiles groom children for abuse, what parents can do to protect their children, and what they can do if they believe their child is in danger.

Expert: Avani Desai
Avani Desai is a Partner and President at Schellman & Company, LLC, the largest niche CPA firm in the world that focuses on technology and security assessments. She is also CEO and co-founder of MyCryptoAlert, a push notification and portfolio app for cryptocurrency. Avani has been featured in Forbes, CIO.com, and the Wall Street Journal, and is a sought-after speaker as a voice on a variety of emerging topics, including security, privacy, information security, future technology trends, and the expansion of young women involved in technology.