Does Securing Your Home Mean Securing Your Privacy?

When it comes to home security, there’s no such thing as overthinking it. Although it may seem like a no-brainer to install a home security camera, using these recording devices is more complicated than it appears. This is because, with certain products, it might be impossible to protect your home and family without forgoing your own personal privacy.

Take Ring Home Security. Despite its status as one of the most popular home security systems, Amazon’s Ring camera is not without its privacy concerns. This year alone, Amazon has provided video to law enforcement without the consent of homeowners not once, not twice—but eleven times. Though Amazon policy states police cannot view recordings without homeowner consent, this policy can be overridden with an emergency request. But what exactly constitutes an emergency request remains fuzzy. Not only did Amazon provide recorded surveillance to law enforcement without homeowner permission, but they also did so without the enforcement of a warrant. 

As if that weren’t enough to give you pause, Amazon is currently planning a new television show called Ring Nation, which will feature heartwarming videos caught on camera with the help of Ring Home Security. While spokespeople are adamant that they will only be using videos obtained with customer consent, it’s hard to know whether that aligns with their other policies. And for those of us who want to protect our home without consenting to live in a surveillance state, it isn’t a comforting development. Especially because Ring Home Security’s default is to upload footage to the cloud. While additional subscriptions and add-ons can give customers the option to store data locally instead, these additional features come with more costs and hassle on the front end.

Fortunately, Amazon Ring Home Security is not the only option for front door surveillance. If you’re looking to ensure that footage of your home stays in your hands, try alternative doorbell cameras with local storage, such as: Eufy Security – Wi-Fi Video Doorbell, Google – Nest Doorbell Battery, or EZIZ Video Doorbell.